We are happy to announce the headliner for Churchill Spring Ball 2016:

Entertainment Acts
Darwin College Band
After months of trying and agonising over a new catchy, original name, and apparently failing miserably, Darwin College Band will be playing a broad mix of covers ranging from classic indie rock, modern chart pop and your fave rap songs.
AcaPembroke are a 14 strong vibrant a Capella group from Pembroke. Enjoy a mixture of their own arrangements of your favourite pop songs, a capella classics, mashups and more.
Hazel The Handcuffs
B & the Jukeboys
B & the Jukeboys are a funk fuelled five-piece, performing a range of rock, pop and jazz fusion. Loosen your bow ties, throw away your high heels - dancing encouraged!
Rahul Savadia
Rahul Savadia is a poppy folky singer-songwriter and a 2nd year English Lit student at Churchill. He writes and sings some sad songs and some only mildly sad songs. Sad-adjacent at best.
Emily Fox
CompSci by day, musician by night. Emily first picked up a guitar at the age of fourteen and fell in love! Since then, she's acquired almost 80,000 plays on YouTube, performed at youth music festival events across the country including one at the Royal Albert Hall, been a finalist of Hertfordshire's Got Talent and written and self-produced her own album. On the night she will be playing a variety of her favourite original songs and covers from through the years.

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